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The construction of fountains is a rather laborious, technically difficult, and sometimes lengthy process. First of all, it is the coordinated work of a whole team of design engineers, architects, designers, sculptors and installers. The creation of a water body consists of the following sequential actions:
Design – selection of the place and method of installation, design development, as well as an individual plan for the manufacture of the structure. All manipulations are performed based on the wishes of the customer, his financial capabilities and technical conditions of the structure. The price of the object is determined.
Hydrotechnical part – at this stage of the fountain construction, the design of the hydrotechnical component of the functioning of the water bowl is carried out. The power and type of pump, the diameter of the water supply pipes are calculated, the geometry of the site is studied, a hydrostatic calculation is made. An estimate is being prepared for the amount of necessary finishing and construction materials and equipment.
Preparation of the foundation – a pit of the required size is dug, communications are laid.
The construction of the bowl – here special attention is focused on the correct technical and aesthetic performance: the arrangement of waterproofing, pouring concrete mixture. For the construction of the fountain, we use the highest quality concrete.
Finishing decorative finishing – depending on the customer's wishes, is made of natural stone, mosaic, ceramic tiles or other materials.

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Depth : 3’ - 4’ to 8’
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Design stages and detailed information
Is it necessary to design what you need to start designing?
Design is a mandatory part in the preparation of construction. Without design, it is impossible to build a single structure qualitatively. In order to start working on the future fountain, the customer needs, in addition to agreeing on a sketch and a commercial offer, to provide a master plan with networks and approve connection points to water, electricity and sewerage.
We do not design without a guarantee of the construction of the projected object, and we do not build without a project.
Also, we do not build or design small country, garden and drinking fountains.
The cost of designing a fountain
Depending on the type of fountain and the number of sections, the average cost of designing a fountain is 1-5% of the estimated cost of equipment.
Stages of fountain design
Development of a new concept or correction of an idea proposed by the customer, based on incoming data or technical specifications
Discussion of the technical possibilities of creating the proposed concept
Visualization or animation of a fountain
Creation and subsequent approval of a commercial offer
Designing sections during the construction of the fountain:
— KJ (Reinforced Concrete Structures)
— AR (Architectural solutions)
— TH (Water Supply Technology)
— S (Heating and Ventilation)
— VK (Internal Water Supply and Sewerage networks)
— EO, EM (Electric power equipment and Lighting)


  • We do NOT work with small objects on a tiny territory. Our creative idea has nowhere to turn around here.
  • We do NOT work where "the very minimum is needed at the lowest possible price". For us, such projects are boring.
  • We are NOT ready to sacrifice quality for the sake of a low price. Reputation is important to us, so our specialists charge more for the work than private designers, but we do everything "conscientiously".
  • We DON't start digging a reservoir without a preliminary project. It is impossible to calculate the cost of materials and construction works without specifics.
  • We DON't do "boys pissing in a jug" and "I want to be like a neighbor." We appreciate the individuality of the idea, respect you and ourselves, and do not want to waste time copying and imitating.

Why should you choose us for the construction of the fountain?

  • We have our own warehouse and an online store selling water equipment, so we have 90% of the necessary building materials for the future fountain "here and now". YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE DELIVERY OF COMPONENTS
  • The company employs not only sales managers, but also designers, engineers of the water department, builders, installers of water equipment. ALL OF THEM WILL BE ATTRACTED TO YOUR FACILITY
  • We cooperate with leading equipment suppliers, we have dealer discounts. YOU PAY LESS FOR WATER EQUIPMENT
  • We design, build and maintain fountains ourselves, and DO NOT ATTRACT THIRD-PARTY "SPECIALISTS" FOR LACK OF OUR OWN
  • We have our own fleet of construction equipment. IT WILL BE PROMPTLY ON YOUR CONSTRUCTION SITE
  • We are members of the SRO, we have all the necessary certificates and licenses – YOU CAN FULLY TRUST US
  • If you want, we will not only build you a fountain, BUT also STYLISHLY BEAUTIFY YOUR ENTIRE PLOT

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Repair and Upgrades
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Leak Fixing
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