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Repair and reconstruction of saunas and baths
For many, a sauna is a room sheathed in wood, with sun beds on which you can sit and lie, and a stove with stones. You can hire a good carpenter who will do his job very nicely. And you will no longer like your sauna after you start using it. In the construction of a sauna, there are types of work and subtleties that only professionals can know about. Fungus on the lining, not a pleasant smell, a large temperature difference (it bakes in the head, but it's cold in the legs), inconvenient placement of sun beds (when working with a broom, the ceiling interferes) - we will fix all this. And the head in the sauna starts to hurt and dizzy not from the high temperature, but from lack of oxygen!!! In such a sauna, health will not increase!

       If you have such problems, we will fix everything.
Repair of electric fireplaces
The heating element of any electric heater, regardless of the manufacturer, will overheat and burn out if the stones are laid incorrectly. If you already have it out of order, we will replace it and tell you how to properly put the stone in the electric heater. This should be done 1 time a year, or 2 times a year, depending on the intensity of use.
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